Gel-Concentrate laundry detergent Baby 4 kg

Ecological product for contamination removal on children's linen and clothes of all kinds of white and colored fabrics
Упаковка Qty in a box, pcs Barcode
4 kg, bottle 3 4820020267759

Children’s clothes often have to be washed, which leads to color washing out, softening of the fabric structure, and as a result clothes tear faster. Therefore, Soft Surfactants and Natural Soap are added to the Gel-Concentrate, which remove complex contaminants and prevent fabric damage and premature wear out. Due to the improved formula, this gel dissolves quickly in water and is completely washed out of the linen.

  • It is the first Gel laundry detergent with Multi CAP encapsulated fragrance in Ukraine
  • For automatic and hand washing laundry
  • Phosphate, Paraben, Chlorine and Dye free
  • Certified with the Green Crane eco-label UA.08.002.506.