Gel-Concentrate laundry detergent Color 4 kg

Ecological product for contamination removal on colored clothes from different types of fabrics
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4 kg, bottle 3 4820020267742

Colored clothes need a special care, so the formula contains a Stabilizer that prevents the fabric color from washing out, forming an invisible film on the fabric and thus maintaining the color saturation and brightness of colored clothes.

This product, saturated with liquid Enzymes, dissolves quickly in water, penetrates deep into the fabric fibers and destroys the stains. After laundry it leaves no streaks on clothes.

  • It is the first Gel laundry detergent with Multi CAP encapsulated fragrance in Ukraine
  • For automatic and hand washing laundry
  • Phosphate, Paraben and Chlorine free
  • Certified with the Green Crane eco-label UA.08.002.506.