Gel-Concentrate laundry detergent Universal 4 kg

Ecological product for contamination removal on clothes from cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics
Упаковка Qty in a box, pcs Barcode
4 kg, bottle 3 4820020267766

This product is safe not only for human health, but also for fabrics. The balanced ingredients and the presence of Enzymes provide an effective contamination removal and delicate care of the material.

Carboxymethylcellulose in the ingredients of this product prevents re-deposition of contaminants on the fabric fibers, while maintaining its original appearance, strength and structure.

It is perfectly rinsed and can be used for daily laundry.

  • It is the first Gel laundry detergent with Multi CAP encapsulated fragrance in Ukraine
  • For automatic and hand washing laundry
  • Phosphate, Paraben and Chlorine free
  • Certified with the Green Crane eco-label UA.08.002.506.