Washing powder for laundry colored and white fabrics

Ecological product for laundry of all kinds of fabrics in all types of washing machines
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400 g, carton 20 4820020267926

Due to the presence of Enzymes in the ingredients of the product, it perfectly washes the most complex contaminants without damaging the fiber structure, keeps the fabric color. Its special formula with Activator addition allows to get an excellent result even at laundry of fabrics at low temperatures from +30 ⁰С.

After laundry, it gives clothes a light pleasant scent, so it does not require the use of fabric softener.

Suitable for use in water of any hardness.

  • For automatic laundry
  • Phosphate, Paraben and Chlorine free
  • Certified with the Green Crane eco-label UA.08.002.506.