About Brand


To create environmentally friendly products that help to maintain cleanness in every house and are safe for human health and the environment

Due to the global trend of environmental awareness growing, the number of people who care about the environment and their health is growing. Buyers are increasingly paying attention to products labeled "bio", "eco", "organic", paying special attention to the ingredients of goods, because the products with such labeling have improved safety and environmental records.

These trends have led us to develop an environmentally friendly, safe, but at the same time an effective line of home care products. To work on the creation of such goods, we borrowed the best developments in the field of environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products and reproduced them in the Clean House® goods. The Ukrainian Green Crane eco-label is an excellent confirmation of the success of performed work.

Our values

Values are the fundamental rules and attitudes that guide us in our work.

1. Mission undertaking
After all, the idea of creating Clean House® is laid down in the mission.

2. Responsibility
We are responsible to:
- the consumer for each product we made;
- the supplier or distributor for each agreement;
- the society for every promise given by our company.

3. Quality and efficiency of means
We have created environmentally friendly means for house cleaning not only safe but also effective, so that they can perfectly and easily cope with their purpose and ensure a safe cleanness in every house.

4. Development
We believe that being in a state of constant improvement and development, we can reach new heights. We are always working on finding new solutions, developing and testing new recipes and products, as well as investing in deepening the knowledge of our specialists.