What are ecological home cleaning products about?

Health is the greatest value of every person, and dozens of factors have an influence on it. One of them is the environment. Therefore, every year more and more people prefer natural products, try to make their contribution to protecting the environment and choose ecological cleaning products. After all, we contact them every day, when we do the dishes, wash clothes or clean the bathroom. It means that their ingredients are very important for maintaining your health and the health of your family. Another important advantage: ecological products do not pollute the environment.

Safe cleaning products are your helper to keep your home clean
We are glad to present you the Clean House® Ukrainian products. After many years of development and laboratory research, we have created products that fully meet the consumers’ needs.

Our core values are:
1.Safety. Ecological house cleaning products do not harm human health and the environment.
2. Efficiency. Having a harmless, non-aggressive ingredients, our products do an excellent job with their main task: to provide cleanness in the house.
3. Availability. The cost of goods is low, so every family with an average income can afford to use ecological cleaning products.

Such eco-friendly cleaning chemicals have safe ingredients. It can be used in houses where there are people prone to allergies, children and animals. The Clean House® products have the Green Crane certificate, No. UA.08.002.506. This is a Ukrainian eco-label, which confirms that the goods have high safety indicators, have passed an independent expert assessment, and comply with international environmental standards at all stages: choice of raw materials, product manufacturing, consumer packaging production. This certificate is recognized in 60 countries and is a part of the GEN Global Eco-Labeling Network.

Also ecological house cleaning products gently and effectively remove all types of contamination. Our assortment includes products for different types of cleaning:

  • Gel laundry detergents
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Dishwashing liquids
  • Drain cleaning gels
  • Glass cleaners

With such a product range, you can easily and safely keep your house clean.